Smooth Shampoo
Smooth Shampoo

Smooth Shampoo


Thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp while calming and softening unruly, frizzy
and curly hair. Special conditioning ingredients work by penetrating inside
the cuticle and bonding to the outer structure of the hair to help strengthen and
smooth the hair. Great for straight, smooth styles.


• For frizzy, brittle, unmanageable or curly hair.


• Perfect for straight, smooth styles.
• Fantastic shine.
• Strong, thick and soft hair.
• Tames and controls the hair.
• Eliminates frizz.
• Clean hair and scalp.


Wet hair. Apply desired amount of Smooth Shampoo to hair and scalp
and work into a lather. Rinse well. Repeat if desired.
Towel dry.

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